Brown Sugar

A while back we made congo bars, and we were planning to post about it, but we were forced against our collective will to use dark brown sugar, which has a heady, dank molasses flavor to it, overpowering the subtle interplay of butter, chocolate chips and walnuts that characterizes that baked good. Thus we abstained from posting.

Molasses is one of those ingredients that provokes strong reactions, most people either love it or hate it. As charter members of the lesslasses club, we come down on the latter side of the great molasses debate.

All of which is a roundabout way of revealing that we found light brown sugar, in Maadi of all places. It can be found at the supermarket on the left corner right at the beginning of Road 9 when one is coming from the Maadi proper metro stop, or at Miriam Market, at or near the intersection of Roads 205 and 253 in Degla.

Miriam Market also stocks red food coloring, which our red velvet-loving friends assure us is very difficult to procure in Cairo.



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2 responses to “Brown Sugar

  1. Erin

    Finally! red velvet cupcakes can safely be made. Foster’s strawberry flavored dye wasn’t going to cut it. Thanks for the tip. As a southerner, I’m a huge fan of all molasses-based products, but appreciate the subtlety of light brown sugar. I’ve seen it at Seoudi, but supplies are infrequent.

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