zeitouzy & forgetfood

Dearest Readers,

Ay! Ay! Okay! Okay! Zeitouzy! Zeiteezy!

Al-Masri al-Yum and the whole TBE family wish to inform you that we’ve started a new food-related twitter, Zeitouzy. The reason we named it that can be found in our inaugural tweet.

Expect all the unintelligible inside jokes and willful obscurantism of our previous endeavors, which will constitute reviews of restaurants into which you may never set foot.

In addition to our new venture, we’re proud to announce an important addition to Doha’s food-tweeting scene, forgetfood. This one was begun in the Nabokovian Speak, Memory tradition of remembering what’s good and what is yanni not so nice.

All the best,




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2 responses to “zeitouzy & forgetfood

  1. So angry and thought of you. Look at this: search “Egyptian” on FoodNetwork – still furious over: “koushry” – no pasta, no sauce, no chickpeas, no onions. Never truly disliked Rachel, but now I do. How did her researchers miss this? Will follow your new twitter. Congrats!

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