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Strawberry Grapefruit Compote

In moments when you’re pining for decent Mexican food, bagels, pho, or other near-impossible-to-find foods, or when you’ve had one too many bucket of koshary, or when Egypt’s cuisine is just getting you down, it helps take a minute to ruminate on one thing that Egypt has definitely got going for it foodwise: delicious, fresh, bursting-with-flavor fruits and vegetables – for cheap. Strawberries certainly find themselves on my list of favorite fruit, especially here – no where else have I tasted strawberries so sweet and so flavorful.  Yet even with such a sweet spot for them, I have a hard time finishing a tray before the mold starts creeping in… especially now, at the end of the season, when the fruit doesn’t seem to last as long before going bad.  So as a way to salvage fruit that is otherwise soon headed for the bin, we offer a quick, easy compote recipe.  Of course you do have to start before your fruit has gone off, so don’t wait too long…

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