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zeitouzy & forgetfood

Dearest Readers,

Ay! Ay! Okay! Okay! Zeitouzy! Zeiteezy!

Al-Masri al-Yum and the whole TBE family wish to inform you that we’ve started a new food-related twitter, Zeitouzy. The reason we named it that can be found in our inaugural tweet.

Expect all the unintelligible inside jokes and willful obscurantism of our previous endeavors, which will constitute reviews of restaurants into which you may never set foot.

In addition to our new venture, we’re proud to announce an important addition to Doha’s food-tweeting scene, forgetfood. This one was begun in the Nabokovian Speak, Memory tradition of remembering what’s good and what is yanni not so nice.

All the best,




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Restaurant Review: Shiraz is not a wine in Australia

As any princess of power will tell you, Iranian food is quite delicious. It was with that in mind that our correspondent “Members Only” (name change pending) took a recent meal at Cairo’s hottest Iranian restaurant. Her review follows.


As Craig David once inquired rhetorically: “What’s your flava?  Tell me, what’s your flava?” Well Craig, we’re digging the flavors at the Iranian restaurant Shiraz, in Mohandiseen.  Iranian food tends to incorporate aromatic flavors like saffron, pistachio, and rosewater, yet does not shy away from stronger tangy flavors like lemon and pomegranate syrup.  We were impressed with the variety of flavors that each held up on their own and also worked well together, a marker of a good restaurant.  Don’t expect to find spicy dishes, but do expect some surprising yet rewarding flavor combinations.

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Tasting Notes: EuroDeli French Fries

French Fry Schwarma

We here at al-Masri al-Yum have a well-known love for potato products in almost all of their guises, and french fries have pride of place in our list of potato-based dishes we love. For being a city with a very high rate of french fries per capita, however, Cairo is startingly bereft of outlets serving good-quality fries. Which brings us to EuroDeli.

EuroDeli is famous for at least three things: It is, along with Arabica, one of the few remaining outlets in Zamalek (and the city) that offers free wireless to its patrons; it has a decent chocolate cake, preferably a la mode; and, it serves some of the best french fries in the city. Now, their steak cut will certainly preclude them passing the lips of those who prefer their fries model-thin, and the french-fry-to-dipping-sauce ratio may be all askew (advantage french fries) and the price for an extra serving of said sauce outrageously high, but they also represent excellent value for money if one is willing to forego the extra sauce, and they do have a flavor unmatched in the annals of recent Egyptian frenchfryology.

Notes and addenda:

As with all French fries, those available at EuroDeli are a dish best served hot. As such, ordering them for delivery is best avoided.

We have heard, but cannot confirm, that Café Versailles, by the AUC Hostel, also has excellent french fries.

For those with a more internationalist perspective, MY has been regaled by correspondent TA with tales of the amazing french fry culture in Pakistan. Although she bemoans the fact that chains like One Potato Two Potato have commercialized the french fry trade and subsequently squeezed out smaller, superior producers found in places like Lahore’s Liberty Square, she still maintains that Pakistan’s french fry vendors could teach their Egyptian cousins a thing or two about the proper frying of potatoes. With that and Gamal Eddin al-Afghani in mind we call for a pan-Islamic pact of french fry friendship, so that best practices and superior frymanship reign from Parsley Island to Peshawar, Aghadir to Aceh.

Please see this old TBE post for a short discussion of Heinz ketchup in Egypt and a link to the best thing Malcolm Gladwell has ever written.


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Adams Morgan Dish Reviews

adams morgan

TBE and Adams Morgan go back many years, and since we’ve been reunited like Peaches & Herb, we decided to highlight a few of our favorite dishes in the neighborhood as part of our Omnibus Summer Guide #4080.

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KoGiBow, Chelada, Le P’tit Plaisir and Ghostface

After a couple weeks in the wilds of Colorado, TBE’s Americas correspondent is spending some time in Washington, DC.

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Itinerary Names: The Itinerary

A plethora of readers have written in asking TBE for an insiders’ guide to Paris. They’ve inspired us to write this quick travel guide, as part of TBE’s “Omnibus Summer Guide #4080.”



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Restaurant Review: Steaks

For some reasons, we ate steaks at Steaks restaurant in the Four Seasons Nile Plaza despite the fact that Matt was and remains dubious about halal steak.

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