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Honey Stella Bread

Inspired by Bisoux at The Great American Breakfast Quest (former Cairene, by the way), I decided to try a Cairo twist on her recipe for Agave Beer Bread.  While she suggests the bread as a perfect activity for those snowed in on the East Coast of the US, ideally paired with blanket fortresses and Scrabble extravaganzas, I didn’t think I could wait till I see snow again to try this creation.  I’ll also have to wait to try her Guinness, Vermot Wheat Beer, and Pennsylvania Lager variations, but that just can’t be helped, so until then, I’ll settle for Stella.

This recipe is for those of you who simply can’t get enough Stella for all the Baladi Bars in Cairo, those who claim Stella runs through your veins, who scoff at foreigner friends’ inquiries of “Oh, do you mean Artois?” – and also for those of you who have admitted to yourself that, garnished with a lemon or not, you’re just holding out for those beers from home, and perhaps “The Taste of Egypt” will taste better baked in the oven.

The advantages of this bread, as Bisoux enthuses, are that it takes just an hour to make – no kneading, rising, or entire afternoons needed.  “It’s a good way to use up those extra bottles of beer leftover after a party. Oh, and it’s pretty much foolproof!”  The crust to this bread is simply divine: thick, crusty, and obviously blessed by the Stella Fairy (surely it’s not due to the amount of butter drizzled on top pre-baking!). The bread itself is somewhere between a traditional savory loaf, and a sweeter, more cake-y bread like banana bread.  Try it with cheese (Egyptian Cheddar is always a good choice), jam, or more butter, perhaps graced by a sprinkling of cinnamon & sugar.

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Spinach a le Prince

"You've got the spinach so why don't you cook it?"

Some of our readers have complained in the offline comment section of which our aura consists that al-Masri al-Yum is overly devoted to recipes containing inordinate amounts of sugar or cream and other ingredients that the more healthful and/or philistine amongst us abhor. Before another bout of clothes-renting and assaults on our “I’m not rich but my food is” bumper sticker philosophy, please be advised that we are lining up some contributors that promise much healthier fare, including an adherent to the mysterious cult of raw food currently sweeping Egypt and the world. At any rate, creamed spinach is at least half healthy. It’s a frisson, mayne!

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